Interlocking Halo Ring Gimmel Good Witch TV Cassie Ring


The Inspiration

Viktor wanted three interlocking rings as an engagement/wedding set for his girlfriend. This concept had personal significance for them as a couple, making it even more meaningful. Through his online research he found a piece I created for the TV show Good Witch, a complex interlocking ring and a key focal point highlighted on the show. He knew that I had the ability to bring his vision to life, and to do so without typical compromises.

Sapphire and gold ring with scatter diamond wedding band.


The Design

Inspired by previous custom designs and elements from my Helena’s Garden collection, we discussed how to incorporate the ideas into a single piece.  I quickly sketched out a first draft, and after a few tweaks we had the basic design, balancing both form and function.

Interlocked ring set.


The Surprise

A few steps into the process we agreed that platinum was going to be the metal of choice. Originally, we planned to use white gold but realised that Charlotte has a nickel allergy, ruling that out as an option. Platinum is a great choice for setting gemstones because it is dense and tends to stay where it is formed. This design did require that the bands be a bit thicker and the overall weight/price of the ring mount increased. Luckily, I was able to source a great center diamond that worked perfectly with the design, and everything came out beautifully and within budget.


The Technical Challenge 

Creating an interlocking design is more complex than just making 3 rings. It takes quite a bit longer to make sure the ring fit together snugly and make sure everything is lined up properly. It also took a few extra sessions in CAD to get all the design details ironed out. The bonus is the set will always be perfectly aligned and the design is wide enough that it will not shift on her finger as much as a conventional set might.

My Thoughts

This was certainly a challenging piece to make, but we were both excited to see all the elements come together. I love it when people incorporate design ideas with personal significance, it is what makes bespoke design so special. This ring set will always have a story and I hope they pass it on to future generations.


Happy couple showing off engagement ring in wilderness
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