I can’t tell you how happy I am to have sustainable and compostable packaging!!!

It’s been a real struggle for me to invest each year in packaging when I know it is primarily going to be thrown out. I love the experience of opening a product that has been packed with intention, but I can't personally justify the waste. I have been searching for years to find any environmentally responsible options and now I'm getting to the point where I feel good about where I'm at.

I have been using biodegradable baggies for years, and of course I reuse them as much as possible.

My maillers are reusable and compostable, that means you can put them in your home compost, municipal compost and even if you have to stick them in the garbage they will breakdown in a few months. They look like plastic but are actually made from

The tissue paper and stickers are acid free and printed with soy inks so they dont leave behind nasty chemicals when decomposing.

The craft mailler is made from 100% recycled paper and recycled styrofoam.

Even my binding twine is biodegradable!

My jewelry pouches are made from recycled plastic bottles.

One last thing, yes I still have conventional ring boxes. I purchased them in quite a large quantity so I'm stuck with them until they run out. However, I have found a company that produces compostable ring boxes so as soon as I can I will be switching to those as well.

Just writing this out makes me happy. It has been hard for me to accept the limitations of the jewelry and packaging industries. I have faith that things will continue to get even better and I'm so please that I am able to package my ethical and environmental jewelry in ethical and environmental packaging.


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