I'm influenced by my fascination with artistic history and modern design. Each piece has a tension between contrasting elements. Modern design lines with rustic texturization, soft and romantic motif with sharp and strong elements. All designed to empower through adornment.

I was born in Ottawa to a family of strong and creative individuals. My father was a teacher (and photographer) and my mother’s came from very humble and troubling beginnings becoming a very compassionate and selfless person. I grew up to enjoy teaching and caring for others and strive to support and strengthen others through my jewelry design.

I want people to feel strong and confident when they wear my pieces.

In Toronto, I'm surrounded by a rich creative culture. I moved here to pursue a degree is sculpture and design and stayed to work in the advertising industry. I always took creative classes in my freetime and after many years my passion for metal smithing and lampworking turned into a full time pursuit.

Since 2003 I have been experimenting with many different jewelry making techniques. Then after becoming a mother in 2009 I turned my focus to alternative bridal and fine jewelry. Working as a custom jeweler has given me insight into the industry and drive to make it a better landscape for the future. Striving to improve studio practices and making the commitment to use 100% recycled metal whenever possible.

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