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Band Rings

Express your feelings with my handmade band rings for men and women. Great for wedding bands or create a stack. I offer a variety of styles, ethically sourced gems and metals including 100% recycled gold.

Black Diamonds

I offer a wide selection of ethically sourced black diamond jewelry. Rings, earring and necklaces that complete any outfit.

If my designs don’t match what you are looking for, you can always request a custom piece.


Because I know your wedding day is one of the most important of your life, I offer you alternative handmade bridal jewelry made with ethical gem stones and a 100% recycled gold. I believe your values should not compromise your style.

Canadian Diamonds

Rings, necklaces and earrings with ethically sourced Canadian diamonds. Choose from my different designs and styles and find the perfect match to that perfect outfit. Mark a special occasion with an extra special piece.

All of our jewelry pieces are made with 100% recycled gold.

Love Canadian diamonds but you’re not sure about our designs? Worry not! We also offer custom-made pieces! Canadian diamonds are easily available in clear white and round, anything else is usually one of a kind

Art Deco inspired jewelry ring tattoo black diamond rose gold wedding band engagement ring

Dark Deco

Inspired by the bold geometry of Art Deco and antique jewellery with an edgy and very modern execution. This collection explores the relationship between shapes colour and texture. 100% recycled gold with ethically sourced rustic and Canadian brilliant cut diamonds, as well as ethically sourced black diamonds and alternative gemstones.


A great pair of earrings is the perfect accessory to complete a stylish outfit. From hoops to studs and everyday to special occasion, I offer a variety of designs, material and styles. Choose your favorite and get ready to rock your look!

Engagement Rings

The perfect ring, for the perfect moment. Make your proposal as magical as possible with my one-of-a-kind handmade engagement rings for men and women. Choose your favorite ethically source gem stone. I offer designs with diamonds, sapphires or moissanite, and all of my rings are made with 100% recycled gold.

Fierce Beauty

Fierce Beauty

Powerful angles shapes and colours. This collection is not for the faint of heart. It takes no nonsense from anyone. Fiercely loyal, passionate, just like you.

Collection features 100% recycled gold. Ethically sourced, black and champagne diamonds as well as Canadian white diamonds and Montana sapphires.

Fine and Good

Fine and Good

A favourite of celebrities, stylists and the media since 2003. My line of everyday essentials to bold fashion conscious pieces will enhance your style.

The silver and gold filled is 100% recycle (excluding the chains and clasps), unfortunately rose gold filled metal is currently unavailable 100% recycled.

Rose cut sapphire engagement ring leaf wedding band gold

Helena's Garden

This collection is very close to Aimee’s heart. It is based on a leaf that she designed in collaboration with her husband for their own wedding in 2006. The collection is very romantic with little leaf details and just the right amount of edginess.

100% recycled gold with ethically sourced sapphires and Canadian diamonds as well as moisanites (lab grown).

Modern Valor

Modern Valor

Simple and strong, every surface reminds you that this is made by hand. No mass production here! The signature rustic hammered texture has been a cornerstone of my collection since day one (ahem... since 2003!).

Made in 100% recycled gold and silver with Canadian diamonds as well as moisanites (lab grown) and ethically sourced alternative gemstones.


A fan-favorite, my moissanite jewelry pieces are the most economical diamond alternative look without mined gemstones. Rings, earring and necklaces for all stylish tastes.

If you have a specific design in mind, let’s talk! I also create custom pieces, as moissanites can be custom ordered in most cuts and sizes.


A well-worn necklace can be the highlight of any outfit. My pieces vary in style and design, so you can choose the one that fits you best. We use ethically sourced gemstones and 100% recycled gold and silver.


My ethically sourced sapphires come in a rainbow of colors and styles. Rings, earrings or necklaces, each of my pieces is handmade. Complete your jewelry collection with one of these beautiful designs.

If you want a custom-made piece, I can create it!

Sunset Samples

Sunset Samples

I hate to see you go... but I love to watch you walk away.

These beauties are entering the sunset of their lives with me. As former samples they are very much loved but need to find homes so I can make room to create new designs. 💜

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